Fanfiction Review #4: Twilight on the Blue Lagoon

Tonight my review will combines a little of my thoughts and some videos of the movie this specific fanfic is based on – it’s amazing how easily one can translate a movie into a fanfiction, the author, knicnort3, has managed to weave the two stories together somewhat seamlessly  First though let me share the trailer for the original movie with Brooke Shields:

The Blue Lagoon and evidently there’s a new movie that has come out recently which re-makes this one in a more modern version Blue Lagoon: The Awakening – this one is actually closer to our story, so with further adieu onto our summary and review

Twilight on the Blue Lagoon by kniccort3

Bella, 16 years old, popular, cheerleader, with the ‘in crowd’ all around bully – one of her targets is on Edward Cullen – slightly overweight, into all things science, and chess, basically the stereotypical “Nerd”  Neither every crosses paths with the other unless Bella is seeking a way to torment Edward more.  Both embark on a school trip for their sophomore Marine Biology trip to study Marine Biology in its natural environment.  One night, Bella is on deck with her ‘crew’, Mike Newtown, Jessica Stanley and Eric Crowley.  Mike being the center of Bella’s crush is almost dared to give Mike a blow job, and just about when she’s ready to do so a strong wave hits the boat sending Bella overboard right into the ocean, Edward was working on a dingy nearby goes over the rescue her, but they are pushed further out to sea by more of the heavy waves.  Together they are adrift for two days before sighting land.

At first neither is happy to be “stranded” on an island, never mind with each other, eventually they learn to get along by learning to survive – Edward teaching Bella to hunt and fish, and Bella teaching Edward to swim.  Through this a bond is formed, initially out of friendship which helps each to discover just who they truly are – both are extremely compassionate, loyal, loving and smart.  Their journey together has its ups and downs while each figures out who they are where this new life on the island may take them, and the possibility of what will happen should they get off the island.  Over time through this discovery process the each learns to love the other, also discovering that perhaps they love their isolated life on the island more than Forks.

Of course what would our story be without its share of ups and downs and drama – as if two teenagers getting stranded isn’t enough?!?!? After almost two years together on the ideals the natives who own it find them there and report them to the Mexican Coast Guard (not knowing if they are fugitives from the law, or what) They are subsequently removed forcibly from the island and pushed back into society by the Mexican government (Bella, Edward and their daughter EM, who was born on the island).  Eventually they land back in Forks, WA where they have to re-learn how to to live in society as their newly re-invented selves.Of course once back in Forks they are thrust into more drama – parents being parents, near forcing them both back into school when they aren’t ready to do so, old school friends trying to revert Bella back to her old ways, all the while all they want to do is just be together as they were on their island.

I’ve only seen the movie ‘The Blue Lagoon’ but once and it was a long time ago, but yet it stands out in my mind as a sweet story of two children who eventually learn to love each other and grow up into self-sufficient adults (well as much as teenagers can be adults).  While the story is beautifully written and she incorporates all of the usual characters seamlessly the story does begin the drag a little once they return to Forks.  It has its slow spots and a lot the post-rescue drama could have been left out, ending the story when they landed back in Forks and going straight to the Epilogue. I understand why it was done, she was trying to showcase how Bella and Edward have changed and how this sort of situation affected everyone around them and the bigger impact it had on their lives.  But she drags it out for near ten chapters and it a lot longer than it needs to be.  All in all though a good read and one I recommend.


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