Where are We? Roughly 30-Days into 2013…


I recently noticed I haven’t been really good about the updates, I have been distracted, all with good things, but distracted nonetheless.  The case is simple, I got wrapped up in projects outside of my chosen career path – first the painting of our living room (a project long overdue) and some knitting/crochet projects I am working on as well.  For this I do apologize.

Ok so where am I? We are roughly 30 days into 2013, ok I know technically it’s 28-day, but we don’t need to nit pick.  I can say it’s been busy thus far, baby steps, so to speak.  I met with my S.C.O.R.E Mentor about a week and a half ago and we talked about the changes in the industry, where things are going, what he does in the publishing industry (he sold textbooks to school districts) and what he can do to help me.  What can he do? Right now, not much, as I seem to have taken the reigns here and am running with it – I see this journey as a thesis of sorts and feel the absolute need to research every inch of this changeover.  He agrees that I need to contact publishing houses and see if anyone would be interested and willing to just speak with me for now, I have no interest in trying to find a position with a firm quite yet, but I am more interested in speaking with someone who is working where I want to be.  So that has moved to the top of my ‘to do’ list and will be done shortly, as I have one contact already at Book Hub, I think I might start there.

Speaking of Book Hub, not sure if everyone has read my review of Family Secrets by Candice Kohl, if not, please do.  It truly is a fascinating story and I highly reccomend it to just about everyone I know and can reach out to…that my friends was step #1 in the right direction – do this review, knock the socks of the publisher, get asked to do it again, rinse and repeat.  Ha! There we go we have a start! I believe we are on the right path with this one.

Is your head spinning yet? Hee Hee! I am continuing with the FanFic Reviews, have a new one written up for ‘Twilight on the Blue Lagoon’ another interesting read taking our Edward and Bella and placing them in the same situation as the original characters, quite interesting if you ask me.  More will be coming down the pike, trust me on that!

Last but certainly not least is the further search and delve of information into the industry as a whole, there’s a lot that has been mentioned recently about eBooks, library lending and the price to the libraries, copywrights that go along with that, and how the publishers and libraries will handle this conundrum.  Recently a bill was introduced that would require the publishers to charge libraries to same price as you and me, will be digging into that further, as the possibiliies for questions are endless.

So that is where I am currently, will be posting the review of FanFic later this evening, need to pull some vidoes to go along with it, which cannot be done at work 😉

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