A Whole Mesh of Stuff….

North – the earth – the basic foundation of all things

East – the air – the thing that gives life to all

South – the fire – the desire that drives us to achieve all things possible

West – the water – what makes up 70% of our bodies and is the fuel for our lives

The Spirit – that which drives us all to move forward and keep pressing on.

There’s so much happening right now i can’t even begin to put it all into words, I do say that a lot, but it’s the mere truth of the matter.  For one, I am moving right along with my career choice, I have now signed on with a small publishing group in San Diego to be a book reviewer.  I am thoroughly excited about this and yet nervous at the same time – they want no less than 500 words per review, WOW that’s a lot to be said about a new book, or a potentially new book.  I am hopeful I can come up with some substantial to say about these lovely novels they’ll be sending over to me.  I feel like I want to go a hundred different directions all at once (another common thought on this blog).  I am just so excited about the path I’ve chosen for my life after not having a direction for so long.  When one feels as lost as I was for 12+ years after I graduated from College, it’s like you want this new life to start immediately! I feel that way you know?  Why my hubs proposed I wanted to get married right then and there, but alas planning had to be done and a whole 8 months later before the wedding.  Finding out I was pregnant with each of our children was no different, the whole concept of waiting 40 weeks for this angel to join us in life was almost unbearable, I wanted to meet them immediately! It was truly surreal…why should this be any different? The novel arrived in my email late this afternoon and I’ve had to wait all day to get to a stopping point in my day to read it…and alas I still have waiting to do.

Just some random thoughts I had to get out of my head! LOL!!!

Something more coming soon, I swear!

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