A Change of Plans…Sort Of…

Holy Cow! If my brain were working any faster I’d need a motor to keep up…found out today (Jan 7th) that I have a possible mentor from S.C.O.R.E!! To say I am going a hundred different directions all at once would be a vast understatement.  I am not sure if I should be excited, nervous, happy or humbled.  So I had to try and break it all down last night when I wrote this; I am excited because now I feel like I can talk to someone real time about publishing and the possibilities the industry will have to offer; nervous comes because I feel ill-prepared to see him- in so much as I know absolutely nothing about him and what his expectations might be; happy because I am moving forward – it’s as if all the pieces of the puzzles are falling into place absolutely perfectly; humbled because now I am beginning to think about what I need to bring to the table – what questions I might have prepared, possibles answers to questions about the books I love and why I love them or even questions about the industry as a whole.  So to say I feel like bursting from excitement is exactly that, I am BUSTING at the seams!!! Is this Possible? WOW!!!!

As my answers come to me I will probably journal them here – for now I am going to simply list out some of my possible favorites with the why’s:

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Been a very long time since this was read to me, but I have to say it stuck because its a story of surviving against all offs and coming out a better person as a result, especially for a black woman during the early 1900s when racism was prevalent in the South – Janie reaches for what she wants a marriage that is a partnership and full of love – she finds that through the journey’s she takes in life.  It speaks volumes for how we live our lives, learning through the ups and downs and that each encounter is a lesson.


Hamlet’s grieving for his father’s murder by his Uncle dictates how this story will unfold – in thinking that everyone, including his betrothed Ophelia is a spy for his Uncle – he goes mad with grief, not trusting even his best friends as spies to his Uncle. This story rings with anyone who has grieved deeply, I heard in a movie once “You grieve deeply, because you loved deeply” this is the case and the twists in the plot of the story pull you in and it stuck.

The Great Gatsby

What lengths will one go through to hide an affair and a murder – well the obvious answer is the murder all involved and then split town – during the summer of 1922 a lot comes to the surface for Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, and Nick and those around them involved.  In the end money proves to be the main component that allows our characters to split town without a care in the world, only one large secret between them!

These three are just a small sample of the hundreds I’ve read that were an outlet in my mind – they have stuck with me ever since high school and college – so it’s no wonder!

Well  my mind has finally calmed some, I am very curious and anxious to meet my mentor and will be counting the moments until then.

Good Night!



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