This is Rare…Two Posts in a Night…Need to Update Where I am

Well what a treat right, two posts in one night, but I felt the need to update where I was with my ‘to do’ list so to speak, first though I wanted to share the below video of Jordin Sparks’ One Step at a Time this song seems to hit my radio at least once a day and for awhile there is seemed to hit every single time I got into the car, almost like someone was trying to tell me that I needed to step back from trying to do more than one thing at a time and just take life one step at a time:

As of tonight, 01.05.13, I have done more industry research, which I’ve shared some with all of you, than anything else.  I contacted my local chapter of S.C.O.R.E in hopes that they could possibly find someone to mentor me, but they seem to focus around those who wish to start their own businesses, and that, I can safely say is something I most certainly DO NOT want to do.  So then I guess the next step will be to write letters to agencies and see if there’s anyone out there willing to just talk to me.

Then from there we can begin to build on the next steps, like Ms. Sparks says, One Step at a Time!

Good Night!


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