Fanfiction Review #3: Fuggiasco

This week I would like to review a story that has stuck with me for quite sometime, I first read this back in 2011 and it just stuck with me, maybe it was the title Fuggiasco which the author translates loosely to “runaway” or “fugitive” – this story is an all human Twilight fanfic with all of the usual cannon pairings (i.e. Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett, Esme/Carlise, and Bella/Edward), so without further adieu, here’s my thoughts and summary of Fuggiasco by username kdc2239

Picture this, human Edward Masen, Bella, and Jacob (who sadly suffers from Split Personality and Bi-Polar Disorder is in this story Edward’s best friend) and the entire Cullen Clan.  Now visualize Portland, OR in the dead of winter when our story begins.  Edward, who is roughly twenty (20) years old has been living on the streets since he ran away from his last foster home at 12, cares for no one other than Jacob and himself, but mostly for himself.  Bella, broken to near beyond repair (emotionally after a five year kidnapping situation where she was raped and beaten near daily) lands in Portland after escaping the situation stated above, finds herself alone and scared right next to the bench Edward has parked himself on for the night. Their paths cross on one particularly cold night when Edward saves Bella from what would have been another rough rape.  From this point going forward Bella becomes Edwards shadow, albeit a quiet one, she doesn’t talk much if at all unless necessary.  Over the course of about three weeks the two of them make their way together living on the streets until one rainy night Bella, finally trusting Edward enough, announces she has some funds and they get a hotel room.  This is where the pace of the story picks up some, with the stability of food in his stomach and a warm place to crash, Edward has his head together enough to try and return to work for Mike (whom I am guessing is our author’s Mike Newton, though she never sais for sure) doing basic maintenance at a condo community in Portland.  Within a month they are able to move from this less than steller rat-hole to a nice motel.

During their time together Bella begins to come out of her shell and begins speaking to Edward, eventually she shares her long sordid history with him.  During this confession he discovers that she’s an only child of Renee and that the two of them moved around a lot until Renee took ill with cancer while they were living in Forks, WA.  Carlisle was Renee’s doctor and Bella befriended Alice and Emmett while she lived in Forks with Renee, after  she passed Bella was sent to live with Charlie in Denver, she ran from him because she wasn’t coping well with Renee’s death, she ran right into the arms of Alec (guessing our author’s version of Alec Volturi) and right into his ‘den’ of human trafficking.  Edward being the man he his and from his love of Bella he decides it would be good for them to visit Forks so Bella can visit Renee’s grave.  Once back in Forks they run into Carlisle who convinces them to visit his home with Esme.  Fast forward some, Bella and Edward have settled into life in Forks (albeit with some bumps and ups and downs) and have started their lives over again just as they wanted to.  This new life includes a home, marriage, jobs, vehicles and stability, something neither of them had growing up.

This story, unlike Eight Years Later, could  be re-written with any characters and transplanted anywhere in the world and be just as good.  In other words our author could self-publish this story online and sell copies, I believe almost immediately. The story pulls you in from the start and you are routing for Bella and Edward throughout – you want to see Alec captured, you want to see them both find a way to a quasi-normal life, and you want the family to come together around Bella and Edward and weave them into their lives.  The web she weaves for you as a reader and works perfectly and while the story has it’s very dark places, she brings it all together very eloquently.

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