Christmas is Done…

Which means now the ‘real’ work begins – finding out how to fit my life into the big wide world of publishing.  Now it’s time for me to figure out just what I want to do, where I want to do it, and how can I make the transition? I have a smallish ‘to do’ list done of check-off items that I need to work my way through first, then I suppose we’ll see where it leads from here.

First thing first was to research careers in publishing – that will be Post 1 – with my thoughts on each job description I can find and see if any of them spark some interest

Second thing was to start this blog, well YEAH! That’s done, check-off the list

Third was to research some trends on the publishing industry – I’ve been doing some of that and will continue – next up is ‘what in the world does ePublishing have to do with children’s books??!?’

Lastly, is to just read read read and write reviews of work I find either here or on Fanfiction – we’ve done two thus far, and will continue – who knows we might just find that next big novel!

It’s a smallish list, but there’s a lot of check-off items that go along with each of them.  I just am hopeful that narrowing down the scope of information will not be as complex as my notes look.  Man alive if anyone actually saw my notes they’d think I am totally unorganized – but you all will find I am quite the opposite – organized to fault!

Anyhew, hope everyone had an awesome Christmas – my wonderful crew gave me Gift Cards to Home Depot – Bring on the Paint ya’ll – my white walls will no longer be White! YES!!!!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that What Not!


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