Fanfiction Review #2: Eight Years Later

This is my first Twilight Fanfic Review, the story has been either moved, renamed or deleted, I cannot locate it anywhere on Fanfiction…which is a bummer because it’s a decent story.

This story takes place after the first half of New Moon  – what if Alice had not seen Bella Jump? – What is she did not jump period? – What if she did exactly as Edward wanted – she moved on, went to college and graduate school, living a semi-happily in San Francisco, dating, and trying to enjoy being 26 years old?

Now imagine that during those eight years the Volturi managed to find a ‘cure’ for Vampirism and the Cullens all too willingly tried it, not knowing what the side effects could be or even worst, if it wears off? Here is where the two worlds collide – Bella still feeling the hurt of Edwards deception and break-up returns to Forks for a visit with Charlie and when visiting the Cullen home discovers that Edward is there but if very different, in as much as he  is now human – as is common with these sorts of fanfic stories Bella, instead of facing things head on like an adult, runs.

Of course the predictable happens, Bella and Edward work out their differences, she forgives him and they get back together.  She up-ends her entire life to follow Edward clear across the country (to South Carolina where he lives in close proximity to Esme and Carlisle).  At some point during the move something triggers Edwards body to begin reversing the cure – once discovered by Carlisle and the rest of the Cullen clan, chaos ensues and they are all thrown into panic mode.  The author never really tells us why this was triggered and how it began to come back on only that one second everything is fine and the next panic!  Of course Carlisle’s suggestion immediately is to return to Volterra before the change affects the entire family and disrupts their now human lives.  The rate at which the story picks up from this point is truly head spinning.

Due to the nature of the story and the close resemblence to Stephanie Meyers’ work it cannot be published in any other capacity other than Fanfiction.  This was one of my very first foray’s into the Fanfiction world and helped launch my unhealthy addiction.  I was truly surprised – surprised to find such a thing on the web – and surprised at how well the story could be re-worked.  That being said the author did seem to rush to her ending without any ‘real’ indication as to why.  This leaves the reader scratching their head, asking why?

I have my own opinions on the Twilight movies vs. books, but this post is long enough…onto that later!

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