Trending is generally thought of when one thinks of the fashion industry – well a fashionista I am most definitely NOT! I’ve been called ‘sylish’ but I choose to use the term lightly. I apply it so especially when it comes to pop culture trends, especially in terms of electronic ‘toys’, my family is not gadget friendly, we’re not interested in all of the so-called ‘needed’ toys on the market today. Just a few examples:

  • No I do not have a smartphone, nor do I want one
  • No I do not have an iPhone/iPad/iPod, etc., nor do i want one
  • And, lastly, No I do not have an eReader (Nook, Kindle, etc.), nor do I want one

The eReader choice can be seen as contradictory, given my chosen career path – but I’m old fashioned in that I prefer the bound pages of a physical book over a piece of gadgetry. Now, I do know that the face of the publishing industry is changing so that eBooks are more common than the bound physical books I adore. It is so much at the forefront of the industry that a pricing dispute is going on and a suit has been filed to prevent the publishers from setting the prices of the eBooks.

This, evidently is in response to heavily discounted pricing established by some retailers, cutting into the profit margins of the publishers – so in response the publishers changed the pricing structure in such a way that it gave the publishers control over the prices. The EU (European Union) and US DOJ (Department of Justice) viewed this as a violation of the US Anti-Trust Laws and filed suit. From what I can gather this was against the five major publishing firms in the US, and that settlements have been reached by most, if not, all of them. This settlement establishes guidelines stating that for the next two (2) years publishers will give retailers control over eBook pricing and they will further be barred from siging contracts with ‘most forward motion’ clauses for the next five (5) years.

My next mission now is eBook pricing comparison research to see how a brick and mortar store, i.e. a Barnes and Nobles or Books a Million, in my area compare to the online only retailers, i.e. Curiosity has me wondering if the prices are dis-similar to a paperback book sold at a known discount retailer, i.e. Wal-Mart or Target.


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