Fanfiction Review #1: Journey Westward

Let me pre-empt this post with this statement – when one reads Fanfiction they MUST realize that what is written is NOT what the original author wrote, they’ve simply taken their characters, settings, and basic plots and re-worked them into a story all their own.  Sometimes you find one that is really good (as will be reviewed here tonight) and others that leave a lot to be desired (have another one to discuss tomorrow)…it truly is digging for that needle in a haystack.

This being said, the story I am writing about tonight, Journey Westward, written by username StardustfromthePlanetGallifrey uses C.S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian and Queen Susan, The Gentle.

This story takes place after the Book/Movie “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” after Lucy and Edmund have returned to England.

Beautifully written, author wrote in the third person, so the reader was an outside observer with an occasional insight to what Caspian and Susan were feeling and thinking. The exquisite descriptions of the world of Narnia gave us the feeling we were on the Dawn Treader.  When Susan touches the “caramel colored” wood, we as the reader could almost feel it under our hands as well, we could smell the ocean air, breath in Caspian’s unique smell, to quote the story ” a scent of leather, scorching summer sun, a touch of hay and pine, and through that, the fragrance of his skin, driving and undefined reaching her nose, caressing her palate” We were right there, going through the angst and desire our beloved King and Queen were, and when they came together our hearts soared!  You fell in love right along with them.

I am more than sure this was not what C.S. Lewis had in mind, but it’s a perfect continuation of the story.  Could it translate over into a published novel, possibly – as I am sure after “Prince Caspian” there were others like our author who wondered the ‘what if’!  Playing the story out at the end of ‘Dawn Treader’ was ideal! I do not know if this sort of novel/novella/ or short story would work alone, but possibly as part of a collection of short stories or a stand along novella similar to Stephanie Mayers’ The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, just a little outtake and insight into the back world of Narnia.

The above being done, I have never actually read the full Chronicles series, may have read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe at some point in school, but I do not remember it – so these have now been added to my ‘to be read’ list.  

Though I will say this particular piece of fanfiction left us begging for more!


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