Why am I here?

Sometime ago I made a decision.

I am 34 yrs old a Mom of two and have been married to my husband for 11.5 yrs – and in my entire life I never one settled on a career – it was a running joke in my family that I would later figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up…then came life, marriage, kids, school, etc. etc. etc. and I never took the time to figure it out. Frustration with our current situation led me to finally making that decision.

So then I posted to Facebook that I was ready to launch this decision making process – after some brainstorming and digging online I determined one thing, something in publishing is where I need to go. Something to do with the one thing I love more than anything else on this earth (except my kids and hubby obviously), that one thing that always brings me comfort – books.

So after a minimal, yes minimal, search online for careers in publishing I narrowed down the field to two options:
1. A Literary Agent – the representative behind the author
2. A Literary Scout – the one who finds new work.

Well it has yet to be determined which of the two I shall ultimately pursue, but I do know this much; I read more books/articles/magazines than is healthy, I read more fanfiction than is healthy, and I have a desire to share everything I read.

So this is my journey! Please follow along and pipe in with suggestions and comments, goodness know I need them!

With that being said I leave you with this:

A Love of Reading May not be Enough
The ability to see the potential is the backbone
Putting on the final touches
Putting together the marketing plan
Pleasing the Author
Pulling in the Audience
Assembling the package

This and only this will lead a person toward their new life

This is what is needed for the change

Let’s find a way to make is Happen!

2013 will be that year for the Change!


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